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Physical Exams

Physical Exams

Put your pet’s health first.

We prioritize a physical exam for your pets during every single visit. On physical exam, it is vital that we know your pet is free of problems (such as heart murmurs, oral diseases, ear and skin infections, fleas and ticks, and abdominal disorders) before any vaccine is administered or medication prescribed.

After a complete history is taken by one of our well trained exam room assistants, we will know where we need to focus on having the best outcomes.

It’s important to catch early diseases and the things we cannot see during a routine examination. Another vital component of the yearly (pets 1 to 6) and semi-annual (pets 7 and up) physical exam is laboratory wellness tests. Evolutionarily pets have been programmed NOT to show signs of illness and appear normal even when the underlying disease is present.

For each pet, we give a score to dental health, body condition, muscle, and pain score. We also record any problems or diagnoses identified in our database for future retrieval, outcome studies or health alerts or new medication availability

So what happens during out complete 14-step wellness exam?

  1. TPR
  2. Ears
  3. Eyes
  4. Gums
  5. Dental Grade
  6. Coat/condition
  7. Skeletal/Nervous System
  8. Lymph Nodes
  9. Abdomen
  10. Pain Score
  11. Body Condition
  12. Muscle Score
  13. Urogenital
  14. Mobility

All of this is fully prioritized, charted and recorded electronically.

This comprehensive approach of a 14 step physical examination, including scoring of these vital wellness components along with state of the art age and breed specific testing allows us to be very proactive in helping your pet achieve vitality and live a long and healthy life!

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