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Dr. Ken Lambrecht

Founding Owner, Medical Director, DVM

Dr. Ken Lambrecht is the founding owner and Medical Director of West Towne Veterinary Center. Dr. Ken graduated from the University of Missouri in 1981 and has been in clinical practice for 32 years. Dr. Ken’s practice interests are feline preventive medicine, preventive and therapeutic nutrition, and supplements and advanced dental procedures (periodontitis and oral surgery). He has learned much over the years from his personal pets including Travis a yellow lab who was his #1 buddy from 1981 to 1995 and Buck an orange tabby who lived for 22 years! Dr. Ken is an avid cross-country skier, bicyclist and water sports lover. When he isn’t seeing clients or at a veterinary conference he is probably racing stand up paddle boards, or traveling, often camping on the great lakes. His four cats (Lance, Bug, Annie & Georgie) share his cabin on Lake Mendota. Bug, the clinic’s namesake (bug ventures) often comes to the clinic with Dr. Ken and even has her own Facebook page.

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