Cat Grooming

Cat grooming at West Towne is done in the most Cat-Friendly manner. Cat grooming here is waterless and for brushing, mat-removal, and clipping, grooming is done with conscious sedation. Cat grooming is performed in our treatment area with a veterinary assistant monitoring vitals and a veterinarian supervising. Conscious sedation is not general anesthesia, but rather short-term sedation where the cat can still respond to stimuli. Conscious sedation is reversed as soon as the groom is over and the cat will be fully awake within a few minutes. This is usually recommended for long haired cats who do not tolerate at home brushing maintenance.

Feline Friendly Gold Certified: West Towne Veterinary Center is gold certified as a Cat-Friendly Practice. This can ensure that your kitty will get the best care.

before cat


after cat