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BA, Zoology

Veterinary Assistant & Management

Eli Graduated with his BA in Zoology from UW-Madison with a specialization in Animal Behavior and Evolutionary Biology. His previous experience includes internships with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation under wildlife veterinarians, production animal nutrition research, and zoological evolutionary studies. Eli's professional goals include entering the zoological field as a veterinary assistant/technician or zoo keeper. When Eli isn't working with animals, he is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Madison based alt rock band EMTN. He even co-owns and operates EMTN studios! Eli's personal goals include touring the country with his band one day and expanding his studio space. Eli is a huge animal lover and has all types of pets: cats Gatsby and Walter, dachshund Olive, goldfish Mango and Dumpling, pleco fish Sheldon, a school of danios named Greg, a California kingsnake named Yvie, and a Mexican Fireleg Tarantula named Pearl.

If you would like to check out Eli's music scene, click the links below!

(1709 S Park St., Studio T2, Madison, WI.)

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