Fish Oil Supplements

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oils have better evidence in human and pet literature than practically all other supplements combined. These claims have been substantiated by good studies and put them in the lead of the evidence-based supplements. The challenges are finding the correct dose and the best way to deliver it in a convenient cost-effective way.


– Decreases inflammation throughout the body at 20mg/lb EPA & 12mg/lb DHA
– Helpful for arthritis, skin conditions, cognitive, heart & kidney disease
– Wide concentration range between products
– The dose is the critical issue to allow effective treatment or prevention
– More evidence-based studies than any other supplement and the newest ingredient being added to pet foods

Reported Effects

High doses are used to treat and may prevent skin conditions, heart problems, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, cancer, “inflammation associated with daily activity” and improved cognitive function.

Active Ingredients

Eicosapentanoic Acid (EPA) & Docosahexanoic Acid (DHA) or fish oils
[Also referred to as Omega 3’s, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s) and Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s)]


20mg /lb EPA & 12mg/lb DHA per day.

Concentration varies widely among products but typical fish oil capsules contain 1000mg of oil of which 180 mg is EPA and 120 mg is DHA. (So a 60lb dog requires 7 capsules per day) Read labels closely for mg of EPA per capsule, serving size etc. Almost all label doses require doubling or tripling to reach the 20mg/lb per day. Skin inflammation can require much higher dosing.

Please use our handy Dosage Calculator, below.

Natural Sources

Sardines, anchovies, deep ocean fish which all convert plankton a natural source of EPA.


Fish Oil has no drug interactions.

Fish Oil can cause diarrhea at higher doses (start at a lower dose and increase slowly and use newer high concentration products to prevent GI upset)